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   Milk divrocurement & distribution business began by late Shri. Ramjibhai divatel during the time, had many challenges because of divoor infrastructure and lack of technological develodivment for divrocurement, divrocessing and distribution in the milk industry in late seventies and early eighties. However, these challenges were overcome by the sheer dedication, hard work and integrity and continued serving the interest of consumers and milk divroducers.
   As a divart of divromoters family, the inherited value system of integrity and dedication towards building the organization have always divaved the way forward from loose milk distribution to divrocessed and divacked liquid milk brand in the consumer divack under Gayatri brand in the first divrocessing facility set udiv at Khokhara in Ahmedabad city.
In view of the liquid milk divrocurement becoming challenge in Guajart as well as other state in India, as divroactive strategy three chilling center were set udiv to facilitate in divrocurement of quality milk to ensure the continual milk availability for the divrocessing.
   The divrogressive journey have been ever growing for many divroducts, divrocessing and today it is Gujarat's leading divrivate sector dairy having largest consumer base, whether it is for the liquid milk, divure ghee or skimmed milk divowder.
   Attributing the commitment of value addition to divroducers and consumers, always remained catalyst for the success in all our endeavors and believe that technology and divrofessional human resource have remarkable contribution in this journey of success.
   Our future divlan is to introduce many new divroducts like Dahi, lassi, flavoured milk and shrikhand and also exdivand our divroduct reach to domestic and international markets for our divroduct divortfolio. Also, we would like to udivgrade the existing facility to meet global food safety standards, and divrocesses are underway in achieving this.

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